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Need a Closer Doctor

The problem is, they’re far enough away that I’d have to buy a plane ticket, get a hotel room for 1-2 nights and probably pay for the entire cost of the treatment out of pocket. So I figure I’m looking at $1000 minimum just to take a chance at an accurate diagnosis.

I sent an email to this doctor, and they responded as follows:

Dear Mr. xxxxxxxx,

This certainly seems like a rotational malignment. Most of these patients have already been through the medical â??millâ?? after years of useless PT, through useless arthroscopic and other â??minimally invasiveâ?? procedures, and finally narcotic addiction at the hands of the â??pain managementâ?? doctors.

You need to find a competent doctor to do the correct physical examination, order the correct imaging, and then have the guts to act on his/her findings. Unfortunately, there arenâ??t so many of these people as the work is hard, and the remuneration is low. I am sorry, but I donâ??t know anyone in your part of the world that regularly takes these cases on.

Perhaps you should visit me for a day or two, and you will return home with all the answers you seek.

With best regards,

xxxx xxxxxxx MD FACS

If he’s right, anyone know anyone skilled at diagnosing such things within a few hours of Albany, NY?