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Need a Clean Slate

I’ve trained on and off for a number of years, usually in 3-5month bursts, make decent progress then stall and start to regress before quitting and taking a break before starting up another “burst”.

I’m tired of not really being able to keep at it, and think that if i had a better laid out program that i would probably have a better chance sticking with it.

So, about my situation. I am able to hit the gym in the mornings before work Mon-Fri and need sat/sun off for any number of reasons.

I’m overweight currently having not really watched my diet over the last couple of months of training. I’ve cleaned up the diet now, but haven’t really been in the gym over the last couple of weeks.

I would like help in creating a program based around the weights that will be something i can work at for some time to build a base-line if you will that can be worked on through this forum.

It seems to me that overall I recover slower than the average lifter for some reason, not sure why but it’s always been that way since high school, although my sleep patterns as of late i’m sure aren’t helping.

Suggestions are very welcome and hopefully I can start something soon and work from there.


I built up a pretty good base a couple years ago using Rippetoe’s starting strength; Im assuming by a good “base” your refering to strength. It covers all the basic compounds, 3 days a week and is low in volume which should help you out with recovery. Eat “clean” and on top of strength you could also gain some muscle in the process.

Its a basic 3x5 with 3 compound lifts and one or two “Accessory Exercises” which alternate every other workout (A, B, A - B, A, B - etc). You could also look into Bill Starr’s Madcow 5x5 which follows a similiar formate.


In the past I have always alternated between prewriten programs and my own but have always had the greatest progress with those already written and will probably stick with those for sometime now. If your looking to build a strong base you can’t go wrong with starting strength or madcow.

Thanks for the suggestions. The simplicity of the starting strength program attracts me more so than the madcow 5x5, so I think I’ll start there. I have squatted 3times per week before so I know what to expect there. I’ll take some time to collect some info and my intention is to get started next week (Mon, July 20th)

How has your progress been diet-only? That’s the most important thing for weight loss.

Squatting 3x a week is… kind of a lot. Especially if you recover slow.

So far so good w/the diet sans lifting. Sorta low on the calories right now(sub 2,000cal at BW 218) but I plan to up them next week when i start training again. I’ll need to keep more meticulous records if i want to get anywhere, but on average right now 1450-2100 cal w/approx 125-175grams of protein.

And I am aware that squatting 3-times per week may be to much for me, but I’ll give it a go and see what happens then make some adjustments if necessary. I’ll chalk it up to a learning experience and hopefully get some feedback on it.