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Need a Break from Bulking

I know I “should” bulk for another year or two but I need a break from it. With my metabolism it’s just not a pleasant way to live because it requires constantly stuffing myself with more food than I’d ever want to eat, minimizing fruits and vegetables etc.

So… should I maintain weight for a while and work on getting stronger and a bit leaner, or should I cut to my “untrained” level of bodyfat? Which would be more productive in the long term?

I’ve never measured my bodyfat levels but I’m naturally very lean - I had six-pack abs all my adult life with no exercise and a desk job. I’d guesstimate I’ve gained 10-12 kilos of fat on this bulk.

#1 problem, who gave you the idea you should avoid fruits and veggies?

#2 that’s a LOT of fat. how much weight have you gained overall?


I don’t avoid fruits and vegetables entirely, just don’t eat as much of them as I’d like, and largely stick to calorie-dense ones like bananas and grapes. Plus onions, garlic and peppers.

I’ve gained 26 kg.

How long has this bulk lasted and what have your strength improvements been?

A year. Hard to say how much strength I’ve really gained as I was completely untrained at the start. I now deadlift 151 kg for five reps, bb hack squat 149 kg for seven.

The fact that it’s bothering you means that you should lighten up on the fat production. Unless you need to get huge for football or something, I don’t see any point in bulking beyond a reasonable point. I think you’ve passed that point.

Losing fat doesn’t have to mean getting skinny.


eat right. zone diet is a good start. lift hard. if you really want to do some fat shedding, add in a couple of days of sprinting on you off days.


Thanks. It isn’t really the fat that bothers me as much as the mental effort required to stuff myself every 2-3 waking hours, but I guess in the end that doesn’t make any difference.