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Need a Bodyweight Workout

Brother Sold My (His) Weights!

Today I came from the cinema watched skyfall (great film btw), looking forward to getting under the bar, until I got home and all my brothers weights and my barbell which I used were gone!

It seems I wont be able to get my hands on any more weights (going to a gym isn’t an option) until christmas so I decided to draw up a calisthenics workout to last me until the 25th of December (or hopefully sooner)

Upper Body (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Pushups 10x5
Incline Pushups 10x3
Wide Pushups 10x3
Diamond Pushups 5x3
Dips 10x3
Pullups 3x5
Chinups 3x5

Lower Body (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)
Squats 20x2
Lunges 20x2
Pistol Squats 10x2
Crunches 20x5
Leg Raises 10x5
Plank 1x2

I have only been lifting seriously for about a month, and have seen some gains. Should I expect to see any gains or purely strength? Should I make any changes. I plan to use more reps/sets,5 sec up & down etc as I get stronger.


That looks fine. You might see some gains, you might just get stronger, it depends on the person.

As a beginner, you will probably gain strength and size easily for at least several months, maybe even a year or 2.

Personally, I’d recommend for lower body especially, do circuit type stuff, at least until you get access to weights again. Something simple like:

30 yd sprint
15 burpees
30 yds of walking lunges
20 bodyweight squats

repeat for say, 4 sets, resting about 1-2 minutes between sets. You could EASILY modify this by doing the sprints on a hill, changing distance of sprints, doing jump squats instead of burpees, doing jumping lunges, doing sideways shuffle sprints (shuttle sprints), adding reps, adding sets, reducing rest, etc. Really, a lot of the same variations with “normal” lifting routines.