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Need a Blood Test for Job/Insurance 2 Weeks Post Cycle

I took 500mg Test E for 13 weeks. I start Pct tomorrow exactly two weeks after my last shot. I also took 50mg of Proviron throughout the cycle.

I need to get a general health blood test for an upcoming job and insurance. Is it gonna be all out of whack? How long until my body would stabilize to pre cycle numbers? I’ve been on milk thistle and fish oil… O lawd am I fuked?

I guess it depends what tests they run and what they are looking for.

If its just a general health screen, for a job without any special requirements, they may just be looking at red and white blood counts, liver panels, cholesterol etc. A male hormone panel wouldn’t be a normal thing to check in those circumstances.

Not to say that those numbers wouldn’t be affected by your cycle, they can be, but they shouldn’t be as far out as you may be expecting if you were still otherwise sensible on your cycle.

Proviron is, to my understanding, not harsh on your liver so I wouldnt be worried about anything specifically.

Your cholesterol might be out of whack. But otherwise I wouldn’t be too worried.

Typically, they dont look at androgen levels. They are looking to see if you use illegal narcotics, weed, etc. I wouldnt worry about it.


Thanks for the replies. Pretty sure it will involve liver values and cholesterol for sure. Plus drugs of course but I don’t do any. Blood pressure is still 140/90… I’ve always had this high of pressure and even take losartan… guess it’s not effective. It’s on Monday. Just popped my first Clomid. Eating clean and drinking copious amounts of water. Hopefully I’ll pass it.

Honestly, if you don’t test positive for opiates you’re pretty much good at this point. The drug epidemic is so out of control that they’re really just trying to avoid junkies and tweekers if possible. I doubt high cholesterol or elevated ast/alt will keep you from anything.