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Need A Bit Of Training Advice


Ok I recently started attending college, and the work out partners that I have are REALLY bad. I'm trying to help them but idk what to do b/c I've never seen guys at 18 this weak. The one was repping 55 for a 5x5 and struggling, the other 65 for the same with good form, and the other 85 for the same with good form.

They are all beginners so I have faith they'll improve rapidly, but idk if what I'm doing for now (5x5) is good for beginners. They're all REALLY skinny if that makes a big difference.

Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Weight doesn't matter, only technique and the type/usage of a workout does. Just tell them, or for yourself too if you need advice, to read up over the Internet (T-Nation, cough), though I thought that looking up stuff over the Internet was a bit obvious.


I'd take weak partners that trained their best and showed up each time than strong guys with lazy work habits and negative attitude 100 times out of 100.


You aren't going to be able to do much for them if they aren't willing to do it themselves. If they are scrawny and weak, then their problem most likely isn't gym related but food related. If they eat right, and they keep lifting with you, they should make some nice gains in a pretty short time frame. If nothing else, just be thankful that you have some spotters.