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Need a Bit of Help...

My goal is to bulk up. I’m not new to this as I gained 30 pounds in the past, but recently found out I definetly need to start eating more throughout the day. I’ve also decided to implement “carb cycling.”

I’ve read around the forums about what other people have done, and the number one thing was keeping a log on how much you’re eating a day. So I signed up for Fitday.

I’ve also used the massive eating calculator to figure out my how much I need to eat to maintain bodyweight which is: 2935 calories. I’m not sure if I want to add 20% or 30% considering I used to be a ectomorph, but if I added 30% to that number I get 3815 kcals/day.

Now what I want to know is, when I actually start the diet is it alright for me to keep the whole milk (mixed with weight gainer) I use in my diet?

I was also thinking of taking some advice from the weight gain thread to have a blender bomb consisting of peanut butter, oats and other stuff added. Is eating whole grains in one of the three carb meals acceptable?

Finally what are some of your results when using this diet for gaining weight, in terms of muscle gained in a month and your level of bf%? Also so I can get an idea how to set up my diet, what was anyone’s meal set up like?