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Need a 4x/Wk Routine


I recently joined a local basketball league and because of it am not able to keep my usual split routine. The soreness that comes with it makes it hard to run up and down the court. I was wondering what would be a good 4x a week routine. I would like to lift Fri, Sat , Mon, Tues.


You could probably pull off a decent upper/lower split with those lifting days.


look up the "Big Program compilation"


I am doing a 4d push-pull routine that went up on this site a while ago and have seen massive improvement in strength and muscle growth in the last three months.

I do BJJ twice a week, boxing a coupel of times and riding to an from work a few times a week and after the initial couple of weeks of calf soreness from teh push presses everything has been fine. A little tired from time to time but nothing a day off here and there can't solve.

here it is : http://www.T-Nation.com/article/most_recent/stripped_down_hypertrophy

I do :
Bench (incline or flat)
DB Row
Back squat

Push Press
Lat pull down or chins
DB Swing or DB Snatch

and it's been fantastic.

Hope this helps.


What are your goals? Maybe that is a good place to start.


monday- shoulders triceps traps
tuesday- back rear delts
wednesday- rest
thursday- chest biceps
friday- rest
saturday- quads hamstrings calves
sunday- rest


he said he can do fri sat mon tues bro

i would suggest


SAT: LEGS (esaily a whole workout)



TUES: LEGS again (or maybe even a TBT routine with a little bit of everything. )