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Need a 4 Day Workout Schedule

Due to my work schedule changing, I’m having to drop my crossfit classes. I know, flame away. Anyways, I’m going to be forced into working out from 4am to 5am, and only Monday through Thursday. I’m 36 years old, 18% bf, 6 foot tall, and 205 lbs. I’m in pretty decent shape. I’m looking for an exact 4 day workout protocol, that I can do Monday through Thursday. If anyone could help me out I’d really appreciate it. I’m looking to just stay in shape, stay well rounded, and maybe build some more lean muscle mass. Also something that won’t be too rough on my shoulders. My right shoulder is not 100%. Thanks for looking.

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@kleinhound does this really weird thing where he lifts weights, looks good, but does this really odd workout where it’s almost cardio and death. I assume that’s what CrossFit is?

Here’s his log, might have some ideas for you.

The UnKillable Kleinhound


Anything specifically wrong with your shoulder, or just a bit dinged up?
Any movements specifically that aggrivate or hurt it?

Kinda got a shoulder bursitis deal going on, or possibly impingement. I can do most movements, with no weakness. It hurts the most when I hold my arm straight out and try to bring my arm across my chest. I can do it, but it hurts. Also if I do a lot of handstand pushups, or over head work, it sometimes bothers it for a few weeks after wards. I also dont have as much range of movement with my right shoulder as I do with the left.

The Best Damn Workout For Natural lifters is a solid program. 1 & 2. You can adapt it to a 4 day schedule, it hits most muscles ( you have to add calf work) and it fits in an hour. I have gained some size and strength doing it (although my goal is to cut, I’m just not good at it).