Need a 20-30 Minute, Barbell-Only Workout for Strength

Hi everyone.I am 37 year old male with five years training history.I have been asking for advice before but I was trying to train two times a week because my lack of time.Two times did nothing for me because I wasn’t happy.Now I made new arangment with my time and I need advice to make it work.I am on my first job from 7 to 15.I have to be on my second job at 16.In that one hour I can train for 20-30 minutes in my garage gym every day exept sunday I have only barbells and plates.Exercises I do are deadlift,front sq,bench press,ohp,chins and pull ups.Goal is to continue getting stronger and in time biger.I don’t care about asthetics.Percentage based programs don’t work so well because some days I cant even lift what is my 5rm on other days.I was thinking to do one lift a day with some submaximal effort because max effort in weight or reps is to dangerous when I am already tired from work.Meybe some kind of ramp with RPE 7 or 8.I already do something like that but I would be happy if coach coul give me some advice on progression model or anything else.Thank you in advance.

One/Two exercise per day supersetted
Every minute on the minute
1-3 reps with a weight you think you can do for 20-30 minutes
Can progress from 1’s to 3’s
Get all the 3’s, raise weight 5/10lbs and do 1’s again.
you’ll be going from 20/30 to 60/90 reps over time, so being conservative in weight to start might be prudent.

Thibs strength circuits might work for that.
I occasionally do 5 circuits of:
Squat-Bench-Dead-Log Press-BB Row
6 reps each using around a 10 rep max
Very little rest between sets. 90 secs rest between circuits.
You can do 5 circuits in 25 minutes easily.
Then eat.

Thank you for your answers.I will try something like that.Never really trained with reps below 5.Nathing costs to try.