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Need 5x a Week Program

I have been lifting for about a year, don’t really know what I’am doing. I usually just do an upper body workout on mwf and legs on tues, thurs. Looking for suggestions on a good program for 5x a week, m-f. Any info or links to the right direction would be appreciated.

What are your goals?

If your goal is to be strong and awesome, but you have lifted less than ccouple years:
full body routine done 3x week with 2 conditioning sessions.

5x/week training there.

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I guess I should have mentioned some goals/details. I’m 50 years old. Just started trt. I would describe my body type as endomorphic. I seem to be able to put muscle on pretty easily on my upper body, have been having difficult time putting muscle on my legs…where I need it. I have some cartilage loss issues with my knees so I can’t lift a lot of weight with them, or I just don’t know what exercises to do.
I have a bit of a gut that I have had since I was a little kid.
Right now I belong to a gym and I go 5x a week, m-f. I do 30 min on the bicycle every day there. like I mentioned earlier, I do upper body workout mwf and work on legs on tues, thurs. I guess I would like to be leaner…lose the gut fat…gain muscle in my legs. I don’t want to get big per se, just leaner…I wanna look good naked :slight_smile: thanks guys

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Is the “can’t use a lot of weight” because there’s still an injury that you’re working around and prevents you from using heavier weights or because you’re just nervous about using heavier weights?

Tons of workouts could fit the bill. This is one example of a full body routine (3 days lifting, 2-3 days simple cardio). A lot of guys in the Over-35 forum seem to like 5/3/1 variations because of ample recovery. Wendler talks about it here.

Also, and arguably more importantly, don’t overlook nutrition. If you’ve got a gut and want to drop fat, addressing nutrition is crucial. The Paleo Hybrid is a basic template.

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I’m probably more nervous than anything about lifting a lot of weight with my legs. I just don’t know what the protocol is for building leg muscle when you have loss of cartilage in the knee. I need to look into that more. Thanks for the info about the workouts.

I lack basically all cartilage from my left knee and my doctor always told me to squat squat and squat more.

I have started incorporating that into my workout. How many sets and reps do you do when you squat? do you add weight for every set?
thanks Furius!

I’m not a big fan of pushing myself over my limits for multiple sets. I’d do one heavy AMRAP-set and some back-off sets with a bit lighter load than the AMRAP set was. Outside of that, I’d just do some bodybuilding fluff. You could check out Layne Norton’s PHAT routine. I’ve done it a couple of times and found it pretty damn good.