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Need 2nd Cycle Advice

Hey guys,

New to training, slightly new to test, did one cycle previously, of Deca, gained a lot of weight and strength, unfottunatly suffered a bad injury in my hobby, stuck in a hospital bed eating through a tube for months, lost all gains and fourty more lbs, getting back now, injuries healed, and am ready to go, unfortunatly I read up about anything I use exstensivly before I take anything, I got a cycle of Cypionate coming, and when ive been reading there are so many different opinions and no two people have the same one, and I want another educated opinion not someone trying to sell a product, how many calories should I take for max gains, what should I,take with Cyp and what should be the best PCT for least sides…

Training off and on 8 years… 28… 6’1 210lbs… Any help would be appreciated…

googel it alot more

It’s been done to death this subject. Ferk. Just type something in the search field, to right corner of this page.

  • Cyp weeks 1-10 at 500mg or 600mg (depending on mg/ml of cyp) per week
    2 weekly injections (Monday, Thursday)

  • AI weeks 1-12 arimidex or aromasin
    Adex at .25mg EOD - adjust dose as need be
    Aromasin at 12.5 EOD - adjust dose as need be

  • pct week 13-16 Nolva and/or clomid
    Nolva at 40/40/20/20
    Clomid at 100/100/50/50

  • optional hcg during cycle

  • eat quality proteins, complex carbs, healthy fats. Start at 4000 cals per day. Increase cals if weight doesn’t Increase or decreases. Eat, get good sleep, and lift hard.

Thanks dude… Question though… Searched found A-HD someone said it was tbe same with a name change… So is it? Would you run HCG, and last wheres the best place to get the PCT extra stuff… Obv not the Cyp got that…

Also is Clomid and Novla needed I mean both of them or is one fine unless sides noticed?

A-HD is the same for what?

Hcg can make recovery in pct easier also it will prevent your balls from atrophy. I prefer it, but I’ve run a few cycles without it and recovered fine.

How is it that you can get cyp but cannot get the stuff needed for pct. I can’t tell you where to get them since I have someone for that, but there are places that sell them for “research”.

You can run one or the other or both for pct. I prefer both, some may think its overkill but I think I recover better with both but that’s just me