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Need 12 week program advice

I now some of you are going to flame me for this, but I have decided to enter the BFL Challenge. I have not been able to get motivated to get in great shape since I was forced to retire from baseball due to an injury. You guys seem to be the most knowledgeable group on the net, so I am asking for your advice. I am 235-240 at approximately 15-17% (These are estimates, I am getting tested saturday) Anyway, as you can see I need to reduce my body fat, but I also want to gain some lean mass and increase strength. What type of diet (i.e., protein/carb/fats) should I use and what is the most effective weight training program to make some serious gains? thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Ask Bill!!!

I think your best place to start would be to go with Berari’s recommendations in his Winning Formula Part 2 article. You can see what I’m doing in the “going from 11 to 7%…need help” thread. Proper cycling of a fat-burning stack intermixed with periods of bulking using MAG-10 or 4-AD would be a good choice. Maybe for 12 weeks: 2 weeks bulk (aka Growth Surge Project Stage 2), 4 weeks cut (ala Winning formula), repeat again.

This gives you time to build some lean mass and cut the body fat.

As a side note, make sure you read T-mag this Friday before you get tested on Saturday. You'll see why on Friday.

Just to comfort you a little bit, a number of individuals on this forum are competing in the contest this year (not sure if you know this, but I won my category this past year). If you are going to diet and train anyway, why not give yourself a chance to win some prizes? It got me $25,000 and a trip to Hawaii, so before anybody else has some “silly” flame to post…think about it…you’d be foolish not to enter.

BTW- I have the official competitor packets. Anyone can contact via my web site and I'll get the packet out to you ASAP...just send me an email with your address. And yes, you can use all the Biotest products you want.

bryan to joel

what supplements did you use during the contest? did you use biotest proucts along with eas?

No, I did not use any biotest products as I wasn not even introduced to their line until quite some time after the end of the contest. I used a few EAS products.

Sorry bud, but I have to flame ya. What kind of idiot wants to win $25,000 and a trip to hawaii with the potential of more income for doing what they are most passionate about…hey wait a minute… What’s your website? I’ll give it a go

Okay, okay - color me curious. The BFL Challenge is set up with categories in age groups? Hmmmm. Cuz if there is a category like for 30-36 year olds, I might consider it. Why not? And are there entry deadlines?

Always out lookin' for another challenge!

Jason Norcross: Can it be that your articel is due on friday ? If so I will use the printer a lot this weekend :slight_smile:

Joel what are you a fuckin moron ? 25 thousand dollars…you gotta train purely for the love of the game …and hawaii? what the fuck…i’m happy right here in good ole NEPA nothing says vacation quite like Scranton…haha i’m j/k…thats a pretty cool deal ya got…Mike

No promises, but I’m pretty excited about issue 208 :slight_smile:

Sounds interesting, course noone is going to believe that patricia and I are in are mid thirties. Better get out the birth certificates.


I think it's by gender and age group. The most recent BFL results for women were atrocious IMHO. Nothing really inspiring or anything.

To win, I think you have to use at least one EAS supplement. Just to let you know. Check out their website at http://www.bodyforlife.com for official rules and details. I don't think the deadline to enter is over yet.

Good luck! :)

Maybe instead of listing your ideas, maybe someone could critique mine. Right now I plan on lifting mon (chest and tris), wed(back and bi’s), and friday(shoulders and legs), cardio (sprints) on tue, th and sat. As for lifting I am going to start the first 4 weeks with a pretty basic routine. 2 or 3 exercises per body part at 8-12 reps. I will follow this with a 5x5 program for 4 weeks and then evaluate where I am at in 8 weeks, this will determine my approach for the final 4 weeks. Supps will include creatine, protein and mrp’s. I plan on taking three mrp’s a day, 2 proptein shakes, and 2 meals (chicken or fish w/ veggies. I am debating on taking Mag 10 or not because of the bodyfat I need to lose. My thinking is maybe I should weight until after I get the fat off and then use Mag 10. Thats it in a nutshell. Am I on the right track o should I make some changes? Any other supps I should use?

Hey, thanks for the link. I’ll check it out. If I do this “thang” I’ll be starting at a bodyweight of 119-120 lbs (at 5’4") and at 10%BF. My goal would be to increase my LBM to 121-122 and get down to 7-8%. Since Joel started at 7%, I’m hoping that my BF% is okay with the program. And I don’t have a problem with using a few EAS supps. Good way to test 'em out.

Even though some EAS staff members may be a little on the conservative side, many individuals at EAS, BFL, and MM know that very low levels of body fat are not unhealthy, especially when obtained in a healthy manner. David Kennedy, the editor of MM, is quite possibly the leanest man on earth at 2.7% That was not a typo, I said 2.7%