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I know there's one on the Iran elections already... but people need to see this video. More blood spilled upoin the altar of freedom. Beware of watching the video. I could only watch it once.



If its almost too gross for the fine folks of Paterson, then I'll have to pass.


A quote from Neda's fiancee':

"Kasamin Makan, Neda Agha-Setan's fiancee, was interviewed by BBC Persia, noting that Neda would have turned 27 this year. "Neda's goal was not Mousavi or Ahmadinejad, it was her country and was important for her to fight for this goal. She had said many times that if she had lost her life or been shot in the heart, which indeed what happened, it was important for her to continue in this path," he said.

...It seems that Mr. Mousavi's supporters are trying to portray Neda as one of his supporters. This is not so. Neda was incredibly close to me and she was never supportive of either two groups. Neda wanted freedom and freedom for all."

End quote

I admire the bravery of the protesters. I hope their death is not in vain. Death up close like this is not easy to witness. It will either frighten you into submission or steel your resolve....forever.


This is a real solidifying thing for the protesters. They now have a face behind their movement. This could fully escalate their cause and actions to a whole new level. This is truly sad, a young girl watching the protesters who was shot and died in the streets. Damn.


Check the other Iran thread. The Associated Press is saying the Iranian government is denying her a funeral.


I've watched a lot of things but the video her dying is too much. I'm amazed that CNN has shown it as many times as it has. I haven't seen stuff like that on news here.


This girl not only puts a face on the unrest going on in Iran today, she is a face for all the women killed and brutalized by this regime since 1979.


RIP Neda.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
-Thomas Jefferson


I am suprised that a government will allow this to happen to free people.


Proving once again the famous quote attributed to Stalin of â??The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.â?? to be very true. Half you guys will be cheering with joy when America or its proxy Israel bombs Iran killing 50-100,000 â??Nedasâ??.


And the other half will be cheering when the Iranian fascist dictatorship brutally crushes all resistance to it's power, killing many more Nedas.

As long as it can enrich uranium to kill millions more or threaten or blackmail the West, the Iranian regime can do what it wants to it's innocent civilians and the other half will not care.

If the US or it's proxies do take action to stop this, they will be accused of committing atrocites like the one you mention above.

Apparently, the second course of action is somehow worse than the first. Or at least half the people on here think so.

Am I right?


why? It happens all the time in the worst totalitarian fascist dictatorships posing as fake democracies.


Very true. Just look at what happened to this woman.


I wonder if they'll start blowing up government buildings in Iran over this Neda's death.


I wonder if they'll start blowing up government buildings over Neda's death.