Nector Opinions

Hey guys just go a big shippment of Grow and Surge from SND Canada and they trew in a little bag of protein juice mix called NECTOR made by SYNTRAX

Lable says 23g of protein (100% Whey Protein Isolate -made by PROMINA)

I am interested cause it mixes like a juice, and thought it would be a nice addtion to my daily grow shakes.

Looking for input on quality and/or poor labelling practices from this company in the past.

thanks guys

Dont know about quality but i also got that freebie with my sndcanada order and tought it tasted pretty good. Easier to drink than a shake too.

Nectar is generally good tasting (don’t try the Cherry flavour…), and it is a 100 percent isolate, but it can be kind of expensive some times. Also, you may get the urge to drink it like a juice, in which case you’ll run out really quick. Besides, you can’t just mix it with water and expect a good post-workout shake, you need some carbs in there.

Oh…and as far as poor Syntrax products go, I have come across some before (Octapamine…what a joke…my wallet wasnt laughing) but generally they are pretty good.

Uniko …what flavor did you get

Never thought about it as a post workout since I have my sure, but I guess i could always dump some dextrose in there or Malto if I could find it?

Speaking of which anyone know where to get some Powerade powder mix? Add that and nector and it should be a good tasting post workout drink

Syntrax isn’t exactly well known foir high quality control standards. I can’t say that I’ve ever had this product, though.

i got lemonade. u?

ya i got the lemon to…was pretty damn good!