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Neck Work on Building The Monolith

Hello all,

I am an intermediate level lifter and I am starting the Building The Monolith program. Would it be detrimental to alternate between the neck harness and neck flexion 3x/wk for 50-100 reps in conjunction with this program?

In 531 Forever, Jim writes that neck work isn’t really counted in any specific assistance category and he does some after each training session so I figured it would probably be ok to include it but with the volume of work being done I just want to be sure I will not hinder my success in doing so.

Thank you for your input, it is appreciated.

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I’m finishing up Pervertor in the next 1.5 weeks, and also plan to run BTM next so I am curious to what others say. I also plan on doing neck work (harness / flexion) and ab work (roll outs / sit ups) 2X a week on non-lifting days. My plan would be to combine this work with Airdyne conditioning sessions.

I have read that Jim has recommended 100 reps a day of neck work when trying to build a strong neck. I have been doing this for 3 weeks so far with no adverse affects. Just start light and work up. I do the harness and plate on forehead

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Neck work isn’t something you should even worry about man. Just do it. Let your body tel you if you can’t recover. It’s literally just rocking your head back and forth, it isn’t going to make or break anything.

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As always:

Start Light/Progress Slow