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Neck Training

Alright, i’m opening this topic in order to get a discussion going as far as neck training is conerned.
Personally i started training neck directly a few months ago. I use two excercises with free weights and they’re opposing movements actually.

The one is where i lay down on a bench with my head and neck hanging and placing weight plates on my forehead i push my head until as close to my body as possible and then stretch all the way back.
The other one is the same, albeit i’m laying on my chest against the bench.

I usually perform 5 sets each and my rep range is somewhere beteween 12-18.
I use 35-45 lb for the first one and 25-35lb for the second.

What about you? How do you train your neck? At what frequency? Which excercises do you utilize? etc etc…

I incorporate some wrestler neck bridges and deadlifts. Neither is an isolation exercise, but my neck seems to be getting bigger.

I am sure there are some wrestlers, martial artists, football players, and boxers on this website that have a lot of useful exercises for the neck. Those athletes often train to neck to help avoid collision injuries or just getting knocked out.

Shrugs and deadlifts

Well shrugs and deadlifts hit the neck but more like at the bottom next to the upper traps.
The reason i include neck isolation excercises is both for strength and size, as well as keeping my neck injury free.
It’s got quite bigger since i started incorporating these excercises but i want it to become even bigger and stronger. Just like any other muscle i’ve noticed that you gain a lot of strength very fast when you perform excercises you didn’t use to. So i believe neck isolation is good for one more reason for those who have so far skipped iso.
My main question is to those who do work their neck muscles directly. I’m looking for some advice for better results.

you could do the same thing you’re doing now, but also add in some side work

things I feel hit my upper traps and/or levator scapula well (and therefore the neck area in general:)

deadlifts (conv, sumo, snatch grip)
cleans, snatches, high pulls
farmers walk
also dips, and overhead presses to a lesser extent

direct neck work: 4 way machine at gym
harness at home from Ironmind

In judo and jujitsu we do front and back bridges with only the top of the head on the ground, and then rock back and forth in different directions. I’ve noticed that my neck is significantly stronger.

What for? If you are in a sport where your head is at risk like boxing, football, or wrestling, you should be training it twice a week or so to develop strength. If you just want to build a big looking neck your best off spending time on shrugs and such to develop a huge yoke.

I do neck bridges once a week but some times I wake up and I can’t turn my head. If you try them go easy.

neck bridges. you can put a 10lbs plant on your stomach and do it.

upright rows are great too, in addition to shrugs.


Buy a neck harness from Ironmind or someone else. I do the plate on head stuff too, but a neck harness is probably the best thing you can do for your neck.

I choke a band at just below eye level on my power rack and then “walk away” and hold that position for 45 seconds to a minute.

I picked this up from poster on another neck training thread and love it (thanks!).

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