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Neck Training: MMA & Boxing

My gym does not have the 4 direction neck weight machine, like Polinquin recommends.

What is the next best way to train your neck? Anything new on the market besides the old neck harnesses I used to use years ago?

I am a boxer, and also do MMA.

Thanks in advance.

you can do neck bridges, those will help a lot.

you can do neck bridges. those will help a lot.

Neck supports on a Swiss ball

Partner-resisted front, back and side raises (have them wrap a towel around your head and provide resistance as you try and raise your head in whatever direction you’re working)

Front, side or back plate raises. Wrap a towel around a plate, then raise your head to whichever direction you’re working.

[quote]1BADMF wrote:
I am a boxer, and also do MMA.

Wow - You must be one bad m.f. On a serious note, Jim Wendler wrote a nice article about “yokes.” Do some Googling and you’ll find it.

[quote]CaliforniaLaw wrote:
1BADMF wrote:
I am a boxer, and also do MMA.

Wow - You must be one bad m.f. [/quote]

LOL…I had that one coming.

When I wrestled, we’d do neck bridges then roll them around, side-to-side.

Start slow, use some care and common sense – you obviously don’t want to feel anything pinch or grind.

If you get to the point where these are easy, you can do them with a plate on your chest, combine them with presses (like w/light db’s), or even bridge up w/a partner on your chest.

Again, just because it’s your neck, I repeat my admonition to start slowly and be careful.

I also saw a video some time back of Dave Tate doing neck resistance work of some sort w/bands…

Harness works well for me. I have the black nylon one shown in this link…and I can get you 15% off your order.

Besides using a neck harness the best piece of equipment you can use is a jump stretch band.

I tie mine around the squat rack. You can do 4 way neck exercises with it and it is a lot more difficult that a 4 way neck machine because depending on the size of the band and how much tension you are putting on it, you have to use all of the stabilizing muscles in your neck, shoulders, back and legs as it will try to pull you off balance and tear you head off.

It is quick and convenient and you will know it works by how your neck and shoulders feel the next day.

Give it a try.

A regular dose of “neck wrestling” (or thai clinch wrestling) will make your neck stronger in no time.

I’ve wrestled for a long time; so obviously wrestling has increased the strength of my neck, but my favorite exercise is manual resistance neck training with a partner.

My coach from the Soviet does it religiously. The thing I like most about it is how it also helps with your neck flexibility as well as strength.

try walkaways too with the stretch band - set the band a few inches below your eye height, throw the band around your forehead & walk away. Hold the tension for a minute…

Neck Helmet

Go to a Play it again Sports and buy a used football helmet. GO to Home Depot and buy a threaded floor flange, along with some nuts and bolts which fit the holes on the flange, and a piece of pipe that is pre-threaded to fit the flange. I went with 1 5/8" pipe(IIRC), which is the hole size on standard(not olympic) plates. You could probably buy a pipe to fit Olympic plates though.

Using the flange as a template, mark spots on the top of the helmet where you will drill through(remove all the padding first, it usually either snaps out or is velcroed. Put the helmet on, and place the flange so with your head in neutral(regular standing posture-chin level), the pipe will come out a few degrees below straight up(leaning forward). Drill your holes, bolt on your flange, and screw the pipe back in. Put your plates on(you will start very light with this, the weight on top of your head makes for some very interesting leverage issues), and secure them before you start working. I use a couple wraps of duct tape, since I could find collars that would keep the weight from sliding.

To use, get on all fours to do rear raises; lie on your back with your head hanging off something for front; lie on your sides for side raises. You can also try different variations, but I never have, I just use it like a four way.