Neck Training Anyone?

Thoughts on Neck Training? Anyone do it?

Not nearly as much as I should. When I played football, they always had us doing manuals. Great neck exercise. Really important if contact sports are a part of your life.

Depends on goals

Neck is right up there with grip as one of the most neglected areas of training. I’m a big fan of it. A neck harness makes things pretty easy.

Neck flexion with plate 3x per week. 15-30 reps. Works wonders. All of a sudden people notice you look like you lift… especially important for tall lifters

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Did neck for the first time ever yesterday and it was brilliant.

I used to do neck curls till my neck was as big as my head.
Just use a towel and a few plates and curl it like you would curl your bicep.
i rarely do em anymore.
But they are good.

Where’d you get your harness?

I use the Spud Inc harness. I own the Ironmind one as well but haven’t used it.