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Neck Thickness


gday when looking ion the mirror the other day at the gym i realised that after 4 weeks on the 5x5 i gained more strength in that than any other program i had been doing for the last two years for that i want to thank Dan John however it has become apparent thast i have a pencil neck any ideas on this and im not talking about traps they seem to be fine im talking about thickness of the neck.


I fail to see the point of specifically building your neck in your case. Usually the neck grows due to tension from doing other exercises, actually many exercises directed at the traps.

Anyways, you could try something like bridges. That's what boxers and wrestlers use the most for building their neck. A neck harness for hanging plates from could also be an option.




Get a neck harness from "Ironmind." They seem to have the best around.

Put the harness on with a moderate amount of weight and perform two different movements.

One for the front of your neck. Do this by lying on your back on a bench head off the end with the neck harness on.

The other movement would be hands on your knees bent over for the back of your neck.

Two sets for each movement.

Don't go all that heavy on these movements for quite sometime. If you do you won't be moving your neck for several days.

Atogether 4 sets, 15 reps per set is plenty!

Do it twice per week and in about 6 months you will have a neck that a gorilla would be proud to own.

Thank me later,



What about working the side of the neck...like adding the weight...and then only attatching it to one of the things so the weigh tis either on your left or rigth side...so example its on the elft..then move your heasd to the side so taht you work the side of the muscle?


I have always had a thick ass neck, even at a low weight. I think the back and front bridge I did when I was in Judo really helped.


That's good advice, except for the part about the frontal neck work on a bench, I think you'll find the chain + the plates will be too long, and touch the floor. I do neck harness work with hands on knees, and then lie down with a plate (and towel) on my forehead and do front raises that way.


Good point, I should have been more specific.

Use an incline bench.



Most people dont know how to use paragraphs. However you need to learn to use sentences.


Try more heavy deadlifts, face pulls and shrugs.


You can try bowling balls. We used to do those in Muay Thai to strengthen the neck. I'll warn ya though. They friggin kill. Just lay on your back on the floor and 'nod' your head up and then back down. Your head gets heavy quick. Set a timer for a minute and just up-up-up-up-up the whole time. Later you can put a plate or a medicine ball on your head for a little more resistance.

You can also go side to side. Set the timer again, pick your head up and left-center-right-center-left-center, etc. Can't really add weight on those though.