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Neck Surgery

finally got it done this past tuesday. looking forward to a good recovery.


That’s a diesel looking war wound. Good luck with the recovery!

Quick recovery my friend.

That’s a gnarly scar. Here’s to a speedy recovery.

It looks like a stab wound.

You were always hardcore, now you look even more hardcore. Old ladies are gonna cross the street!

What does the op mean as far as lifting goes?

Best wishes for a speedy and good recovery !

Get well soon. Cute avi pic.

Thats fucking gnarly…I wish you a speedy and full recovery bro

[quote]dday wrote:
That’s a gnarly scar. Here’s to a speedy recovery.[/quote]

That’s no lie. What did you have the surgery for?


I logged in just to see this-

Did you do an ACD?

here is to a speedy recovery

good luck with your recovery!

Good luck on the recovery.

anterior cervical microdisectomy with fusion and plates. c4-5 5-6 6-7. thanks for the well wishes. today is post op day 6, gonna start some light training with machines for arms and low body, no back work or pressing yet.

I plan on posting a log to document my progress.

thanks again.

The great thing about post-surgery/injury logs is that the gains come back fast!

hope so K!

Good luck !


3 weeks post surgery, doing very light weights, upper body/low body split, circuit training, 230lbs. seems to be trimming me up a bit.

one more


Way to go you sexxy beast! (No Homo) LOL!

lol…thanks, i think.