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Neck Stress After Lifting

Hey everyone. I finished my workout this am and Noticed my shoulders were fairly tense and stiff. My workout today consist of squat, bench, chin ups.

I was wondering what if anything people do to help stretch or eliminate the tension after a workout?

Is it your neck or shoulders? The thread title and the post itself say two different things. It’s normal for things to feel tense and stiff after training, it will go away on its own. Unless you have limited range of motion, I don’t find stretching to do much for stuff like that.

It was my shoulders and neck/trap area. It has since gone away just was super stiff and uncomfortable which I never have had before

how long did the tension last? Was there anything new about today’s session?

The tension lasted 2-3 hours. The only change that was made was the assistance work. I normally do push ups and back raises and did chin ups instead