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Neck Stinger

Hi Guys & Gals,

Greetings from Costa Rica.

I wasn’t sure where this post should go exactly, as I am over 35, but a beginner also. Decided I’d probably get more experienced advice here, from lifters in my age range, who are not necessarily beginners.

I started training in the gym about 2 months ago. 1st month I was doing full body workout circuits 3x per week, to build a little work capacity and ease my joints back into things.

I am finishing up the 2nd month now, and am using a 4 day split.

The past 2 weeks however I have gotten really bad neck stingers after doing both deadlifts and/or shrugs. Not the normal muscle soreness or DOMS…but those damned tight, stinging sensations that don’t let you turn your head in one direction or the other.

I have tried to be very careful regarding over extending and keeping alignment, etc.

Is this just a normal adjustment period my traps/neck are going through while acclimating to these exercises?

sounds like you pinched a nerve. that happens to me once every couple months, and lasts for about a week. try to stretch/loosen your traps and neck as much as possible before and after you lift. I have a habit of keeping my shoulders lifted when I walk, which contributes to the pain. concentrate on keeping your traps relaxed, unless there are girls, in which case you should flare your traps and lats to exhibity your hyoogeness.

old lardass

Thanks for the reply.

The pinched nerve definitely sounds/feels like what I’ve got. My bigger concern is if I am doing something wrong technique-wise that is contributing to it.

I don’t really want to go through this on a weekly basis. If I can ever get a vid camera in the budget I’ll post one for a form review.

I’m sure it also doesn’t help that I sit at a desk and work on a computer all day. I know I do have that “neck extension” going on throughout the work day adds additional tension.

Your cervical vertebra is probably slightly out of alignment. Just go to a chiropracter; preferably one using the Gonstead method. If you’re in Costa Rica, it is probably a bargain.