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Neck Routine

Hey i’m a rugby player looking for a neck training routine that will help me thicken up my neck as to add support and to prevent injuries any posts are appreciated.

Do neck bridges…lie on your back and dig your head into the ground, now push with your legs, your knees will have to be slightly bent…but try to bridge your back up while supporting your weight on your head. For the front of the neck sit on your knees and put a bench in front of you…lie your foread on it and then try to lift your knees of the ground by pushing on your feet, if you are unable to support your wieght with your head in that position help yourself with your hands…
Also do shrugs and power cleans for the lower neck.

A real simple exercise that was described in the audio Poliquin interview, and that I tried and it seemed to work. Stand with you back to a wall, step forward about a foot or so and lean back against the wall with the only point of contact on the wall being the back of your skull, and make sure that only your heels are in contact with the ground (toes pointing up at a 45 degree angle) hold this for as long as you can (I got about 35 seconds the first time, I think Poliquin recomends doing this only for 2 min max). I guess you could switch it up from there and do your forhead against the wall and both of your sides (its an idea I have not tried yet). Only an opinion.

You gotta,gotta,read"Question Of Strenth"by Charles Poliquin—Issue#104.Scroll down to the 3rd question,and try the specialization trap routine…It works great for packing meat on the traps…TRUST ME!

I’d avoid those other exercises because the injury risk is too high. This is the way I believe you should go:

Find a facility with the Nautilus 4-way neck machine. These are few and far between, but they’re extremely useful for safe neck training.

If you don’t have access to this machine, do “neck curls”: 1. Lie back on a bench with your head dangling over the edge. 2. Fold a handtowel or facecloth and wrap it around the handle of a dumbell (20lbs is a good place to start). 3. Place the padded handle of the dumbell against your forehead, using your hands on the sides of the dumbell to STABILIZE it and hold it in place ONLY (don’t use them to help during the movement). 4. Lower your head slowly back to the extended position and begin raising your head to the contracted position against the resistance. Move slowly (4/4 should do) to avoid injury with this critical area.

You can do this while lying on your stomach for the back of your neck too (with the dumbell against the back of your head), although it looks like you’re trying to hump the bench–don’t do it when there’s any gym bunnies around! BTW, if your forehead won’t fit between the dumbell weights you’ve been using too much GH.