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Neck Problems


the past two times ive done upper body workouts, every time i bench (close grip if that makes a difference) by the second set or so my neck starts hurting then later after the workouts its very stiff and the whole back of my shoulders, middle traps and mid back hurt decently, its really starting to bug me and i dont know what to do. ive been rolling it with a baseball the whole area, stretching, icing and heat nothing is working suggesttions? o yeh and my neck was not pushed into the bench slightly lifted off of it and my shoulder blades were pulled together and down.


make sure you're arching your back and actually tucking your chin towards your chest to be certain you aren't in cervical hyperextension - but if the pain cover's such a large area and your form is good it could be a bigger problem than a pulled neck muscle


today it hurts just in the neck area, like traps but when i sneeze or yawn it aggravates it and i can feel it run down the top of my spine
o and i am arching my back and tucking my chin towards the checst. WHat is cervical hyperextension?


This article talks about cervical hyperextension. You could probably also find some others if you looked.



I think a Chiro would benefit you.


im getting a deep tissue massage done saturday, im going to ask for focus on the neck shoulders and chest, if the problem persists ill look up a local chiro. THanks for the advice