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Neck Problems, Arm/Hand Numbness - Help

My neck has been bothering me for a while now but it’s been getting really out of control lately

The left side is always tight, sore and my left arm/hand goes numb pretty regularly. It’s starting to get disruptive

Sometimes it clears up after a good crack, but they doesn’t always help.

I do have mild arthritis

Note: I do not use my phone while walking, have good posture and keep my laptop at eye level on a standing desk

I recall your shoulders having an inward rotation in posts that you have shared before but if things are going numb, go get checked out.

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This is a cheaper version of cervical traction. It MAY help to centralize symptoms over the short term, and ideally allow the disk to settle back in over the longer run. Chin tucks are a good exercise, also. May be worth at least a try.

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Yes! I started doing them and I think they help

My neck has been feeling better

Great. I tell people that come into our clinics to do 5 to 10 reps at a time, all throughout the day. Also, strengthen the scapular muscles. Think T, Y exercises while prone or over an exercise ball. The Y’s will target the lower trapezius, which is often neglected during training.

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