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Neck Posture

So after looking at a bunch of pictures, I realized that my neck has a definite hunch forward to it, and I want to fix it. I do plenty of back exersizes so I am not sure what is causing it but its pretty noticable, and I have been getting alot of neck strains lately. Whats the best way to correct this?

Are they neck strains or levator/upper trap strains?
Head foward posture is from sitting in front of a computer or looking down reading for prolonged periods of time.
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Dr. Tim

I imagine the poor posture is from looking at a laptop or book all day. The strains go from the bottom half of my neck into my upper traps, and have happened a few times. Once while doing incline bench, a few other times while doing shrugs. Also, when I pull my chin into my chest and hold for a stretch it doesnt always feel the best. Not really painful, but its not comfortable.


Fixing the Flaws: Weak Neck Musculature

The neck is especially important in contact sports such as football and rugby, where neck strength in all planes is highly valuable in preventing injuries that may result from collisions and violent jerking of the neck. Neck harnesses, manual resistance, and even four-way neck machines are all good bets along these lines, as training the neck can be somewhat awkward.

From a postural standpoint, specific work for the neck flexors is an effective means of correcting forward head posture when paired with stretches for the levator scapulae and upper traps as well as specific interventions to reduce postural abnormalities at the scapulae, humeri, and thoracic spine. In this regard, unweighted chin tucks for high reps throughout the day are all that one really needs. This is a small training price to pay when you consider that forward head posture has been linked with chronic headaches.

Eric Cressey

Personally, my chiro has me doing 10 minutes walks with a weighted band around my head (about 6 lbs) every time I go. It helped a lot, but it takes a while.