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Neck Pain

I’ve been experiencing a problem that, when I lift (any lift, really, though it’s more pronounced on heavy lifts), after a few reps I start to develop a throbbing pain originating at the base of my neck. When I stop, it persists for a few minutes, then gradually fades. This started last Friday, and the only lifting that I’ve done since then has been to try to figure out if there’s anything that I can do that won’t hurt. (So far, it’s just external rotations).

I had this happen previously last January, and I saw my physician about it. She said that it was probably because of a strained muscle, and put me on Flexiril and told me to take 10 days off. I did, and when I resumed training, I didn’t have any issues until now.

I’m going to be taking the next couple of weeks off travelling anyway, but I wondered if anyone has experienced similar problems, and if there’s anything I can do to avoid this in the future.

This may be a stretch but…

I used to tweak a muscle or nerve in my neck quite bit, especially when I was doing heavy military. I read somewhere (10 years ago or so) that pressing your tounge to the roof of your mouth would take pressure off some of those muscles when straining. I haven’t had any trouble since, and continue to do it when lifting strenuously.

If I was having the same trouble you are, I would go to my Chiro/ART guy. I say this because he’s very competent and has a strong athletic/lifting background. He regularly gives me explainations for these kinds of issues and how to prevent them.

Good luck!

I’ll try the tongue thing.

I’m supposed to be seeing a Chiro/ART who’s also a triathlete soon, so hopefully she’ll be able to help. In the meantime, if anyone else has ideas, I’d appreciate them.

Are your symptoms in the center of the neck or off to the left or right?

Do you get any pain w/ any head movements or only with heavy exertion?

The ART/Chiro should be able to give you a good eval and treatment.


In the center (I believe), and only with heavy exertion.