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Neck Pain on Chest/Back Day


Hello friends,

I'm hoping you might be able to help me figure what is giving me so much pain in my neck.

It has been fairly constant over the past month or so but seems to get worse and then a little better. I think I narrowed the source down to my chest/back day.

I think it is the weighted pull-ups but I'll post my whole routine for that day.

flat bench 5x5 supersetted with light flyes in between
Incline DB press same

weighted pull-ups 5x5
1 arm T-bar row 5x5
seated cable rows 1x25

when doing any movement I try not to have my neck hyperextended.....I look where my trunk is aligned. I think though that maybe I'm pushing myself on the weighted pull-ups....I think maybe I'm giving up good form and trying to add too much weight too soon.

I know it's hard to tell over the internet....but any thoughts you might have would be appreciated.



hey dude, just relax, worry stays in the neck , as well as in the back..sometimes when u feel pain in the neck , u have also to go check ur lowerback..take a look, see if making the lower back adjustment u feel some popping , that means u realligned vertabras..and u will feel that the neck will be better also.. also try some mckenzie manouver

But remember the most important thing is that u relax and lose all ur worries, preoccupations..even not related to training..u know what's happening with u, we cannot tell this, u only know.
Just focus on well being and u will stay better and better..never let a negative things inside yourself even if the actual reality looks to u a one of pain..because u change it , changing ur thoughts..BELIEVE :slight_smile:

if u want to be sure about balancing correctly the training u can jump set the bench with the row, and the pull ups with the military press, so u are sure u stay on similar working planes

take care of ur core, the inner unit, work the transverse..get strong in the core

be always sure technique is perfect but do not overwhelm your mind with worry..forget worry, relax..hang out, look the beauty of the nature, meditate..listen to your breath, in and out, in and out..you will stay good, you are totally healthy and powerful u just need to switch perception!!!!!

SMILE :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Seems Stefano has been hitting the bong again lately...


what is a bong? sorry I am italian, I need to widen my dictionary :smiley:


It's an apparatus that people use to smoke marijuana with.


ahhahaha :-)))))))) ok I understood the metaphor

By the way if he follows the advice He will improve.. :smiley:

I could tell him also focusing on deactivating trigger points, sistematically on his upper back and neck muscles or doing some ART, but it is important doing all this with a very peaceful and relaxed mind :))))))))))))))))


Just busting your balls bud...