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Neck Pain/Intense Headaches from Leg Press?

Hey guys, the last few times I’ve been doing the leg press machine, I’ve gotten pain in my neck, as well as intense headaches… the headaches seemed to go away when I massaged my neck.

The last time this happened, the pain was so intense I decided to stop for fear of injuring myself.

Does anybody know what this is, if it’s any dangerous, or how to stop it?

What kinda leg press machine you doing? Straight? 45 degree sled? Vertical?

Prob involves how your back is in the seat. Try adjusting the angle of the seat, esp in a 45 degree sled. Use no weight (the sled prob weights 100lbs itself) and do some reps, and try to get it where it doesnt hurt.

Otherwise, you may be jerking your head around too much. I know when I am goin through some grueling sets, I jerk my head back in anguish. try not to do that…haha…i am a bad example

Other than that, I have no idea. Don’t lock out your knees and stay hydrated, both will help…if prob continues, stop doing them or suck it up till you talk to a real coach and find out whats up

Hope that helps…

The seat is angled maybe 20-30 degrees, the press is pretty straight.

I tried to find a pic online, but couldn’t find anything. I will try your suggestion, with using no weight.

Maybe try to put it more upright (if possible)…just play around with it and if it continues…stop until u get a certified trainers help

First, don’t try to press 36 plates to impress the female on the leg curl machine next to you.
Make sure your lower back is comfortably pressed against the seat and don’t round it when pressing.
Don’t hold your breath through the whole set.

Can’t think of anything else really, I’ve seen this before with squatting but not on the leg press.

Sounds like it could be an exercise induced headache to me, specifically because it went away when you massaged your neck. Its pretty common and there are about a hundred threads on it, and I will refer you to this one. I got them some time ago and they have since went away. My approach to the problem is in this thread.


This heppens to me when I finish off with a 20 rep set on the legpress. Headache stays for like 1-1.5 hours.

Are you breathing properly? Should be exhaling as you push…

Tight upper traps? Either get someone to work on it, or get a ball and massage it, or both.