neck pain help

For about three weeks, I have had shoulder/bicep pain and a numb thumb. I had an MRI done on my neck and the doctor indicated it was a bulging disk. He provided medication but really hasn’t helped. Here are the symptoms:

C5 - C6 damage - Can cause weakness in the biceps (muscles in the front of the upper arms) and wrist extensor muscles. Numbness and tingling along with pain can radiate to the thumb side of the hand.

Has anyone experienced this or have suggestions on how to get back to training? Thanks in advance.

What about a chiropractor?

I went to an orthopedist who then told me to take the MRI to a neurologist. I originally wanted a chiropractor, but my primary care physician wanted me to go to an orthopedist.

If it is a neck problem, would ART do anything? What about exercises like bridging?

Hi Beltar- sorry to hear about your neck, i am currently going through similar problems, C7 for me- left arm radiculopathy, very sore, and weak. It’s been 9 weeks since the problem began, I’ve had to rest lots. I have been going for ART for about 3 weeks now, 5 sessions, and I believe it has helped. Massage therapy helped a little, and friends of mine who I used to play football with swear by acupuncture, having been through this as well.
Basically, you have to be careful to avoid herniating the disc, so some exercises, especially explosive ones, should probably be avoided.
It’s pretty much dropped my whole Highland Games season in the toilet.
Select your ART practitioner carefully, the jackass doing mine tried some kind of adjustment he hadnt done before and made it worse.
Good luck, hope you recover quickly.