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Neck Pain from Overhead Pressing

Yesterday I did a heavy overhead press session. I felt good the entire time and in the mirror it looked like I had good form. When I woke up this morning however, the left side of my neck was achy and has remained that way ever since. What could be the cause of this? And what could I do to help this

you’re doing something fucked up with your head position during the lift. Probably hyperextending your neck.

Stop doing that.

Have you eliminated the possibility of you sleeping in a funny position?

Do you push your head through?

Do you look straight when pushing the weight up?

If you tuck your chin (i’ve made this mistake) or look up when overhead pressing your neck can get aggravated.

Proper OH pressing will leave your traps sore though!

I haven’t. I just assumed it was the pressing cuz I felt like I was
sleeping pretty normally last night. Keep in mind this is the first time I
experienced this too.