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Neck pain from crunches

attention gymrats!!!
I’ve been doing crunhes the proper way
for a few months and have gotten good
results from my abs but my neck hurts.
I feel confident that I’m not pushing on my
neck to lift just contracting my abs hips to pelvis. CAN SOMEONE HURT THEIR NECK EVEN IF DONE PROPERLEY?AND CAN IT CAUSE HEADACHES???

The cervical area is a complicated structure(im no expert)you may or may not have injured it with crunches,it maybe be that you notice it more because it puts so much stress on the area when your in that position,Its hard to determine someones form(even your own)without actually watching the movement performed.why dont you switch to rope crunches on the pulley machine till you get your neck looked at by a competent
ART chiro,when you get headaches in relation to
muscular tension or a subluxation(bone out of position)they dont usually go away by themselves.

Actually, I have the same problem when I do extensive crunching for more than two weeks (1500 per week), both the neck pain and the headache, especially when the reps are done extra-slowly. So what I do is sometimes vary crunches with legs-on-bed situps, which, I find, are infinetly harder. Personally, I think a six-pack outweighs any temporary neck/head pain.

My guess is you have been doing them with your hands behind your head. If this is the case try doing them with your hands straight at your side like you are reaching for something. When hands are overhead it tightens many of the muscles to stabalize and protect your neck. If your problem is really sever thogh this wont even help and you need to get some deep tissue work done. good luck