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Neck Pain From Benching

I am in my first week of smolov jr for bench.

this day (saturday) I was about to do my 10x3 day. On my third rep on the seventh set I feelt severe pain in the rightside on my backside of the neck. I did the last 2 sets after.

Now I can hardly move my headaround because I get pains when my head is angled in some directions.

I suspect that I could’ve strained a muscle on my right side. Left side feels perfectly fine but my right side is stiff.

What could it be? is there anything I can do about it?
I am sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum but I couldnt find a good one for it, and I found no good threads with the search function

It is probably a strain. I used to get one at the base of the skull. It was irritating as hell. Time took care of it. I did notice that whenever it happened, my breathing technique had gone to shit.

Yeah I noticed that my breathing was realy bad aswell, and my neck feels much better today, I just hope I wont re injury it tomorrow.

I’ve had the same thing when benching. My arch had gotten away from me, due to strain, due to (as was said before) improper breathing. I used some tiger balm (icy hot type stuff) and it went away in 24-36 hours.