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Neck Pain for Almost a Year


hi everyone,been having neck pain for a year almost and just doesnt go away,thing is that I was told it was a small compression.

I got a herniated disc back in january 2010 in my lower spine which is still there but has vastly improved but now I have that same pain in my neck to shoulder.

Back when I hernitaed my back I continued going to the gym but lifting very light weight and only lifting heavy on my pull ups,you see I stated that year lifting with my own weight and slowly progressed to lifting my own weight plus 45 pounds extra (6 months to get there) and all was well the half year and never had any problem lifting that heavy,considering I only weigh 148.

thing is I wasn't working or anything these 6months but soon after I began working at a hospital where I would have to stand 8hrs looking down at a computer screen my back started to feel stiff and tense and following that is were the sharp pain would commence and till this day never leave.

funny thing is when I start doing anything it goes away,figuring because Im warmed up but right after when I am resting it starts hurting again,I wouldnt say it's an agonizing pain but when you have had for almost a year it does become the worst pain imaginable.

dont know what to do...and sometime the pain radiates down to the front of my shoulder but it isnt muscular but the nerve itself


Have you seen a chiro?

I suffered neck pain for a year and a half. I also suffered the typical medical community and physical therapists during that time. I finally decided to try out one of those quacks. A few weeks later I was pain free.


yeah,gonna give them a try,see what happens...just so many people go with little to no results so I am somewhat skeptical,every doc has a different diagnosis,thanks though