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Neck Pain after Deadlift

three weeks ago, I was deadlifting a heavy bar, then i heard something in my neck and immediately after, I couldn’t turn my head to either directions (left, right) or tilt it back and forth. what could it be? the pain is hard to locate but it is almost always in the right side of my neck and toward the middle.
i don’t know if it’s a spasm, pulled muscle, strain or sprain and what could heal it? I’m currently not working out, and i need to work the steel as soon as possible. i miss the gym. please help me

Better go to the Dr just to be safe … get at least an Xray.

The neck is nothing to just “work through” … You may just have a strain, sprain etc… But if its more you need to know

If after 3 weeks you haven’t regained 80-90% of your cervical ROM back you could have caused a disc bulge or a herniaation. You may have injured the thoracic spine especially around t3-t4 depending on how flexed you were in your DL.

See a orthopedic MD if not better, a skilled physical therapist ( get someone with a few more letters then just PT after the name) or a chiropractor. I would recommend them in that order.

I’m in no way an expert, or even very knowledgable on this topic. But def go to the doc. Did you move your head during the lift? Look up or to the sides? I’ve seen people look to the side to check their form in the mirror in commercial gyms.

neck pain is the worst.

try “packing the neck” when you lift from now on