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Neck/Nerve Pain from Shoulder Pressing


Three different situations, same Effing injury:
Standing Military Barbell Press
Seated DB shoulder press
Stretching...after standing barbell

at the end of each of these actions, on three different occasions, I get a shooting neck pain on the left side of the back of my neck. I feel a sharp shooting pain down into my trap and into what feels like my spine. ROM limited while tilting my head straight back (as if looking at the ceiling) and left and right (check my blind spot while I am driving). WTF is this...why does it keep reoccurring. What can I do to prevent this from happening again?! Please help. My shoulders are growing but this shit is inevitably going to slow down my progress of one of the biggest mass building phases I have had in years :(. E-hugs are also appreciated.


Have you seen a specialist such as a physiotherapist? Until you see someone I suggest stopping these movements. You are just aggravating your symptoms more.

1)Do you get this pain when you preform dumbbell presses with your right arm and only your right arm?

2)Also, do you have this pain at all during the day before and even hours after exercise or does exercise only flare it up?

3)Is any of this pain felt in your left shoulder?

I read a post from CT saying he does not dignose problems via the interwebz and I preach his words. I just like giving people questions to really think about if they do see someone that may ask similar questions.


Word, just wondering if anyone had/has similar injury and what they may have done.

Pain is only if it gets pulled. I was not clear about this. It is not every time I do these exercises. Just sometimes...when I am fighting for that last rep..... pop. done. Tightness, loss of ROM, neck pain. There is NO shoulder pain. I have had many successful workouts without any pain. Just once every few (once every other month?) something gets pulled/strained and I am in pain for ...2-3 days then gone. like it never happened.


I have seen no specialist. Sounds like special money.


Okay, well a phyisotherapist here in only like $40/hr (Canadian) however, wouldn't remotly know how much it would be to see one where you live. What a pysiotherapist will often do is a posture test to see if your shoulders are retracted, protracted, pelvic tilt, and even shoulder tilt etc. He/she will often give advice on how to correct these problems to see if the corrections will "cure" your problems you are having.

My nonprofessional advice if you experience this problem once a month or less is just to keep doing what you are doing but avoid however you aggravate it.

If you can do one test for me is; stand straight how you normaly do with arms relaxed to the sides, now look down at both hands. You want to see only two knuckles (1st and 2nd) visible. Seeing the two listed will ensure neutral position of your shoulders. Seeing more than two will indicate tight chest and or weak back and for seeing less than two.


maybe you should do more stretching in the neck / traps area.
muscle tightness could also has similar symptoms.


But this time, it was indeed the stretching that triggered it (in paranoia of what happened before). I'm going to go kill myself now. Thanks for the tries though.


....and I only see my pointer finger knuckles, Fuzzy. I am probably going to see what my health insurance covers. I live in the grand state of New York so I am sure that time and those tests will cost me somewhere near a firstborn.


If you cannot afford a physiotherapist or someone as significant your best bet then would see a massuse. They often don't have the best knowledge of what is happening deep, like I said it's better than guessing yourself.