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Neck Injury Won't Go Away


So I hurt my neck about three months ago. It started to feel weird one day when I was deadlifting but didn’t think anything of it, then a few days later flared up while I was doing a lat pulldown so I saw a doctor. The doctor said that my trapezius was extremely tight and to rest/stretch/heat it for a few weeks. A few weeks later I see an orthopedist, who tells me the same thing. After another few weeks, I got an MRI, which showed no damages to the nerves and that there is nothing wrong with the discs or the alignment of them in my neck - basically the muscles in my neck are just very weak.

So I’ve been going to physical therapy and doing my prescribed home exercises for six weeks and it still hurts just as bad as it did three months ago.

Is there anything else I can do to get this injury to go away?
Should I see a chiropractor?
Alternative medicine?


Sorry to hear about this. You are suffering from 3 months that’s not good news for yourself. Though you went to a doctor and take some medicine as well. But all in vain. So you should see a chiropractor now. This would be best I think.


Thanks; if I see a chiropractor, should I continue with physical therapy?

Also, should I see the doctor again, is it possible that the MRI didn’t pick up on something, like a small tear or something?


I think yes, you should do that. If possible then meet doctor again. All the best!


yeah see a chiro, also try getting some ART therapy on traps


Ok thanks guys, calling tomorrow about the chiropractor


Try using sharp pointed object and using the tip to massage around the sore points. Helps with erector spinae pain.