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Neck Harnesses

Who has one of these?

I’m considering buying one and I’m not sure if it’s worth spending twenty or thirty extra bucks and buying an expensive Spud or EliteFTS neck harness, or if I would be just as well off with a fifteen dollar neck harness from some no-name retailer.
Any opinions on whether it’s imortant to have a “high quality” neck harness or if any harness will pretty much work the same? They seem to be incredibly similar and I’m ridiculously frugal, so I love any opportunity to not have to spend more, but I also don’t want to cheap out and get a piece of shit.

I have one that has held up fine for the last 4 years. Its only good for neck extensions though, flexion sucks.

Good to know that it’s tough to do flexion - I was wondering how it would be done and whether or not it would be feasable to have the weight behind your body (you’d probably have to lean back, and it seems like it wouldn’t work well).

I’d imagine for flexion you could lie on a bench with your head hanging off, with a plate on your forehead, and flex the neck against the resistance of the plate.

Ya, I just dont do it. Just a big pain in the ass for not much benefit imo.

You did see what site I bought it from right? My post was edited by a mod. I guess you cant even mention other websites here?

I would invest in a decent one with a chin strap (to make flexion easier). Also, the cheaper ones tend to have a more abrasive lining.

I haven’t seen one with a chin strap - even the elitefts and spud inc ones which are far more expensive. I’ll probably keep looking around to see what I can find. I’ll definitely consider the material.

Is it possible to do lateral flexion/extension with a neck harness? Seems like you’d have to put it on sideways, which I’m not sure would work.