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Neck Harness


Like everybody that lifts I get frequent kinks in my neck. Nothing srs enough to take me down yet but damn irritating!! In my experience, If I can strengthen something it usually makes it better.

Just wanted to know if Jim or anybody has experience with using a neck harness to strengthen or make their neck feel better. I know Deadlifts work your neck but maybe it's not enough? All my joints feel entirely better since starting 531 except my neck.


I like tying 50 pounds to a rope and putting it in my mouth and just going high reps

front and sides: use a plate.


The neck harness has never made my neck feel better, but a nice orthopedic pillow sure does the trick. The pillow won't get you yoked, though


Never had a neck kink before and I lift frequently.....

I think it's smart to add as much muscle as you can to your neck. I mean why wouldn't you cover the most important part of your spine with as much muscle as possible? The more muscle there is for protection the better.

On the neck harness: 50-100 reps with 25Kg each day....

On the neck kinks: A really hot shower. Douse it for a few minutes if you have to. Works better than pain killers for me....


The pain in my neck actually became almost unbearable last night and today. Went and got some xrays. I have a broken part of my back sorta. One of the processes that stick out from you spine is broke right where the bar lays where I squat. Doc says it will heal on it's own and I should never back squat again unless it's a low bar squat. ( which I hate ) The bad part is I'm not even allowed to foam roll or do anything that puts pressure on that part of my spine for a month. I might try the front squat for the first time in my life. Anyway, after it heals I AM gonna buy a neck harness for my yoke and make my neck look sick big!!!!


Count your blessings - you can still squat.


The bar is supposed to rest on your muscles, and therefore this kind of injury to bones should be impossible by my logic.. I hope you really tighten up that upper back?
If you have some muscle and ain't obese you should be able to form a gap between the absolute mid of the bar and you back. Or at least there should be no pressure there..


The doc said it is possible that this is an old injuy that got dug up again. Said it could have been from football injuries that I did have..who knows? Kinda makes sense that 500lbs or whatever could do some damage if there was an injury already. Even though I did squeeze my traps and thought I had pretty solid placement. Anyway, Like Jim says, I'm counting my blessings that I can squat at all..even if it is in the front. Doc says I can deadlift so I'll just plug away at that.