Neck Harness Question

I’ve read up on getting a bigger yoke (thanks Mr. Wendler). I just have a quick question about the neck harness. Should I lift the weight both front to back (back of the neck) and back to front (front of the neck), or just front to back? The harness is clearly made for front to back, but I feel like I’m missing a bunch of neck muscles if I don’t do back to front.

Yes this is a small detail and I should probably just deadlift, but I’ve got this harness here and I went through the trouble of “borrowing” some plates from my college’s gym and it’s a productive thing to do in between books of Thucydides.

And before anyone asks, I eat lots. Just had a liter of whole milk and two peanut butter sandwiches for my bedtime snack. I’ll be fat by the semester’s end, God willing.


I’d do both front to back and back to front if it’s possible to do so, without injuring yourself. By the way, where did you find one of those nifty sons a bitches?

Thanks. I got them here:

Elite FTS is the shit.