Neck Harness Exercises

so far since my purchase of this device ive only found one effective use for it: to hang the weight in front of my body and raise my neck up and down up and down, is that all u can use these for? or is there more i just dont know
thanks alot

Try dragging a sled with it. You can pull forwards or backwards and really hit your neck hard.

I would do all movements laying on a bench if possible. With you head hanging off the end of the bench and the weight hanging down you can do back movements while lying on your stomach; forward extention while laying on your back; and lateral movements (that will also hit the traps) while laying on each shoulder.

That is really all you need to do to get a bigger stronger neck.

Obviously you can also dolateral sled work too in addtion to the previous post.

if you have access to a cable pulley machine deal, that works.