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Neck Harness and Trap Development


I'm concidering buying a neck harness to improve my traps because both Wendler and Poliquin have advocated them based on the fact that the traps play a role in neck extension. Now my neck seems to be of decent thickness (wouldn't mind it being thicker) but the main goal is to assist my trap development. I just wondered from those of yall who use a neck harness, how much improvement can I expect to see?

fyi I deadlift and power clean, so no need to lecture me on the need to do that.

sidenote: I just started Thibs old trap program "Power Look" yesterday. Has anyone here used that?

any helpfull tips are much welcomed. thanks


do 2 sets of 50-100 like wendler says it works magic, i use a 25lb plate or so and do them every day to every other and thats where all my trap development is from, definitely worth it


You do sets of 50-100 everyday? Not a bad concept, maybe I'll try it myself.

OP, do you have a link to the program you described?


I like to incorporate front and side neck raises at least once a week, generally 2 - 3 sets of 15. for the front neck raises I use a 45lb plate and quarters for the side raises. Im looking to add thickness to my neck and support for my neck, the neck front raises seem to hit the Sternocleidomastoid well.




Traps are the most important? Do you shrug? How much do you shrug? How often do you shrug?


Thanks for the link man, the search feature on this site seems a bit off.

I looked for power look and somehow this thread popped up instead!


I used to shrug each shoulder day (315 was about the heaviest), but traps didn't didn't seem to improve much. I concentrated more on deadlifts at building trap strength and I did see some size gains. I ended up being sporadic on my training over the summer and just recently got my head screwed on straight got back into lifting and decided to do something about my lagging traps.


o shit. celtics is back




Try hang cleans and/or high pulls for a more explosive trap workout. On the high pulls I like to emphasize the negative.
I also use smith machine shrugs, barbell power shrugs, bosu ball neck bridges and a neck harness to get strong traps and neck...