Neck Exercises

What are the best exercises for developing the neck, to make it look wider and stronger?

I use the pads on the Pec Deck to work the sides & front and the pad of the leg raise to work the rear with incline neck bridges. Be careful this is a part of your spine. Reps shouldnt need to be too low for hypertrophy and heavy failure work is asking for trouble.

I’m also interested in this. I wear a 17 1/2 inch collar but I think my neck is small. My arms are 17 inches but I’d like to increase neck up to 17 or 18. Currently at 16 1/2 around the adam’s apple. I’m thinking about incorporating some neck bridges a few times a week.

My favorites are, Shoulder Shrugs (heavy weight, 4 sets of 8), Miliraty Press (again heavy weight, 3 sets of 6 - 8) Barbell raises and good old chin ups

I want to strengthen my neck just for general spine protection. I like to do neck bridges, face up and face down, on the stretch mat on leg day, right after my 7 minute cardio warmup and before picking up any iron. I use 30 second static holds. I’d like to incorporate some practical and quick-setup side-to-side neck-strength exercises, so looking for some more ideas there.

deadlift. or do like the barbarian brothers used to - get a head harness use it to tow cars around the parking lot.

My all time favor is to mount a 1" pipe to the top of a football helmet. That way the weight follows the head.
Best of Luck.

I love bridging as well and do three minute back bridges followed by three minute front bridges. Not only does it strengthen the neck, it has a tonic effect and really wakes you up.

Can someone explain these bridges to me? Or, does anyone know where i can find pictures demonstrating them? I’m interested.

there’s a Poliquin program in the back issues where he advocates various types of shrugs. It’s very early like in the first 10 issues, I believe.