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Neck Exercises with Forward Head Posture

I’m going to add the neck exercises from the Yoke article. I have a forward head posture. To help my posture should focus on neck extension and avoid neck flexion exercises?

I have a forwards head posture as well. So does Michael Phelps. But that’s common in swimmers.

I was talking to an expert on this a while back and he was telling me that unless posture is really really bad, like you’ll often see in old people suffering from sarcopenia (except you’re not old and suffering from that), then it’s not really worth the effort. Your posture is often the result of very long term anatomical habits. Some of which you’re not even aware of that created that posture position.

Just another area that people worry about way too much that really isn’t that big of a deal. With the “forward head” thing being one of them.

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