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Neck Bridges

I wanted to thank everyone for bringing out the combat conditioning threads. I had a nagging neck injury of unknown origin, but when i started doing the bridges the pain went away. I know have full range of motion to both sides and no pain at all. Thank You so much. I also found a cool way to do them. Click on a song on napster and just stay up all the way through. then you know exactly how long you went for. Again, thanx.

Hey thats awesome man congratulations! Great idea as well with the napster idea. Once I held a bridge for about 20 minutes and timed it as about five songs. When you hold a bridge for 20 minutes you will see Jesus walking on water :slight_smile:

Hey thats great man and great idea on the napster advice. I once held a bridge for 20 minutes and timed it as five songs! Really helps. Now have your wife sit on your chest and hold a back bridge :slight_smile:

Goldberg, it’s great to hear of your success with the neck bridges! That is awesome brutha! I too always had a stiff neck and would cramp up, but since doing them, I have an increased range of motion and no pain! :slight_smile:

This combat conditioning is good stuff. Even if you only do it a couple times a week, it will have benefits that you may not receive from just weight training. And I want to be more functional. And it’s helping me to be that way! What good is it to have some muscle if it’s useless?

Mike, I think you were the first one who put the benefits of the neck bridge on this forum. I want to thank you. I will have to testify to the neck bridge. I have had some neck problems (had a dificult time turning my neck one way and it would always hurt). I have also had a bad lower back. Since I have been doing the neck bridges (FOR ONLY ONE WEEK!) my neck pain has gone away (I can actually turn it without excruciating pain) and my lower back pain is much improved. They are truly miraculous for a person who has had neck pain for a long time. I would like to tell anyone who is having neck and back problems to give these neck bridges a try. If you want to try them out go to http://www.mattfurey.com/ and click exercises.

Now that you mention it, my lower back hasnt been hurting either. Damn. I didnt even realize it.

I am interested in incorporating them into my current routine. I have it broken up as follows:
Day 1-Legs and Calves and Abs
Day 2-Chest and Biceps
Day 3-Rest
Day 4-Shoulders and Traps and Abs
Day 5-Back and Triceps
Day 6-Rest
Which day do you suggest I do the neck conditioning on? Also at the begining or end of the session? Thanks

I try to do them every day. i dont get sore anymore so it doesnt effect my workout.

Jude, every day is best if you really want to make progress. It doesn’t take very long to do at all. Start out with one set trying to touch your forehead and nose to the floor. At first, you may be far from being able to do this. In that case, just rock back and forth 10-20 times. Repeat if you like. Once you can touch your nose and forehead to the floor, work on holding that position as long as possible. Currently, I’m doing three sets of 30-second holds every day. Each day I try to hold it a little longer. Someone made a good suggestion of holding the bridge while listening to music on napster or your cd player. Then you will know exactly how long you held the position.

Matt Fureys Combat Coditioning exercises are awesome!! If you guys want some excellent routines that incorporate weight training with Matts exercises, then you guys should subscribe to Brooks Kubik Dinosaur Files. Matt is a regular contributor.