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Necessary to take fish oil every day?

I’ve been taking 8grams every day. Is it necessary though to take fish oil every day? If so why?

Why not every other day, or taking a high dose of 8-15grams 2-4x a week?

Does your body really need efa’s on a daily basis?


If they are essential, then you need to take them everyday. Although I have wondered if taking 15grams at once provides benefits for more than one day. I would take them everyday personally.

Why do we need to eat food every day? Can’t I just eat 15,000 calories on monday and be set for the whole week?

Your body does store EFA’s to some degree, but they should be resupplied daily. Just think of them in the caloric sense.

This is just semantics but the EPA and DHA in fish oil isn’t really essential, because the body can synthesize them from the essential fatty acids linolenic and linoleic acid. So when one talks about fish oil and EFA’s they are talking about 2 different things. Both are quite necessary though, and I take both on a daily basis. EPA/DHA in capsule form (300 mg per capsule x 6-12 capsules per day) and a 50:50 Flaxseed/Safflower Oil mix at 2 tbsp. per day.

MD2006, yes your body can make the EFA’s found in fish oil from flax seed oil and the like, but it’s not too the extent that most of want. It’s something like only 30% is converted to EPA/DHA. I’ve never done the calculations, but based upon that number, I’m guessing that just using fish oil is more cost-effective. (Note: I am just talking about using flax seed oil for EFA’s not being all that effective, I’m not bashing its calorie adding benefit.)

Maybe some of you can enlighten me, but are the EFA’s in flax seed oil all that beneficial without being converted to EPA/DHA? I am under the impression that they aren’t (again, excluding adding calories).