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Necessary to Inject Daily?

Hi guys,

New to the forum. Ending off my cycle with test prop and winstrol depot.

Quick question, is it absolutely necessary to inject 1ml/100mg every damn day? As its expensive as hell, and I don’t want to be a pin cushion. Can it not be extended to every 2nd day like the prop?

Appreciate the feedback!


100mg is a full retard dose unless you’re prepping for a comp… even then it’s extreme

I don’t reccomend dosages… but .3-.5 ml should be more than enough

But no, the HL is too short. Best pinned daily

So .5 every day of instead of 1ml every 2nd, gotcha!


Nvm I thought you were going to run 1ml every day

Yes, injectable winny is very expensive.

No worries, still appreciate the input :slight_smile: