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Necessary Supplementation


Thought it would be handy to have a list of supplements mandatory during a steroid cycle.

B-6 200mg ED: to prevent water retention

Milk Thistle: Liver support

Fish OiL 2-6grams ED: omega fatty acids, helps prevent strokes heart disease also lower blood pressure.

Fiber 10-15grams for every 1000 calories: improves the absorption and efficiency of bodybuilding diets.

Glutamine 5-40 g ED: promotes recovery,aids digestion and enhances muscle growth.

Betaine 500-1000mg ED: Protects liver from alcohol or steroid use, also helps keep the liver free of backlog of bile salts.

Multivitamin/multimineral 1 ED: Help eliminate possible defeciencies.

whey protien 2grams per bodyweight ed: breaks down quickly providing a rapid influx of aminos.

Please contribute !!!


I would say more like 400mg b-6 to keep prolactin levels at bay.

320-640mg saw palmetto for prostate health.

n-acetyl-cysteine for liver protection.

400mg vitex agnus castus for tren,anadrol,and deca cycles.

600-1000mg phosphatidylserine to keep cortisol in check post cycle.

red yeast rice for cholesterol

that's bout it off the top of my head.



Do you recommend anything for the kidneys? I've noticed not many people are worried about their kidneys. The kidenys are doing alot of work breaking down all the protein and supplements, it's not just the liver. Any input for the kidneys would be very helpful


cranberry juice is said to help w/ this, although I have yet to try.



My opinon is this:

Your wasting your time and money. Although these supplements may help a little bit, the amount of money you will spend on them is no where near the miniscule benifit you will attain from them.

My recomendation is to eat healthy, get your rest, and use common sense regarding your steroid use and you shouldn't have any problems.

Steroids are not nearly as 'toxic' to the body as everyone fears as our body naturally produces many different kinds of steroid molecules.

My conclusion is don't think for one minute that there are any 'natural' supplements out there that can be viewed as being ancillaries for steroid use. Bottom line is taking these things may make you feel more comfortable about your steroid use, but you are wasting your money if you believe in these products, and the supplement companies are laughing all the way to the bank.


My thoughts exactly p22...~95% of supps are a total joke...the supp industry is almost as big of a crock of shit as the media.
I will have to admit that I take 1-2g milk thistle while running orals though...You only get one liver and hepatoxicity, to what degree is still up in the air, is a known side of c17aa's, and if it can benefit me in a miniscule way I will take it...It is pretty cost effective too--even for a broke college student:)



Agreed. One minor exception. Metamucil to keep cholesterol in check. Steroids - in fact, all sex hormones - are cholesterol based. I also mix in a little Udo's oil in an attempt to keep my good cholesterol up...



I have heard and read MANY times that milk thistle is for real, in terms of liver protection. Any thoughts on that p-22? What about ala?


These supplements have stood the test of time and research, there is no one denying this in the professional community of medicine. As far as cost to benefit ratio it is miniscule. We spend hundreds of dollars on what we call a sport not because it's fashoinable but because it's a lifestyle and those of us who plan to enjoy it for longer then our adolesence should take the proper precautions and steps. These supplements will run you under $60.00. Comapring that to how much is spent on a proper cycle it wouldn't be wise to cut it out. After all only the strong survive or is it the smart. Thank you for your opinion!!!