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Necessary Equipment?


Okay, so I'll be coming across quite a bit of cash this Christmas and have decided to spend a majority of it on lifting stuff. I'll have between $100 and $150 to spend. What are some things that everybody should have? I already have knee and wrist wraps, chalk, a belt, Chucks, and a sled.

Here's what I was thinking:

Elbow/knee sleeves
Books (Was going to purchase Dave Tate's books)
Bands (Getting light and mini bands)
Ab wheel
Foam roller

Any other suggestions would be great.



Those are definitely great spending options. How about a neck harness? Something for grip?


Weird, I was just thinking about this very topic this morning. This is stuff you can toss in your gym bag.

For lifting: belt, chalk, wrist wraps if you have girly wrists, neoprene sleeves if you have bad elbows/knees
For recovery/prehab/rehab: small hard sphere, PVC pipe, band set (mini through strong)

For lifting: IronMind Sew Easy straps, knee sleeves, knee wraps, ammonia, dip/chin belt, front/zercher squat harness, weightlifting shoes
For recovery: The Stick, rumble roller looks awesome, massage

Specialty bars, not for your gym bag
Yoke bar or SSB, Giant cambered bar, deadlift bar, and chains for chain suspended work.


But to address your question, I'd get the full band pack. Strong bands are very very nice for lower body stretching and traction. Average/Strong are great for stretching the lats and traps. AVG/Light for shoulders/arms/pecs. Minis for shoulders and biceps. Light band + neck harness is very nice for loosening up the neck and traps.


Fat gripz are something you could keep in your gym bag, also short bands are really handy for DE deadlifts


If your getting elbow/knee sleeves and are getting rehbands (my opinion the best out there for basic compression/warmth) than expect to pay around 130 there (for both knee and elbow). The band pack is around 130 as well. Personally I love my knee sleeves and won't squat without them, I also use bands probably more so than anything else other than the basic stuff since chains are a bit harder to bring into the gym.


If it was me, i'd get:

Fat Gripz
Rumble Roller
Ab Wheel
Neck Harness


True. My rehbands were like 39 bucks each or something like that (they're sold individually).


foam or rumble roller (I'm getting the rumble roller from the wife)
blue heat
knee sleeves

I use tommy kono knee sleeves and I like them. Keep the knees warm and provide support. They're relatively inexpensive compared to rehband. Titan just started making neoprene knee sleeves that are supposed to be similar to the old rehbands and they're only a few bucks cheaper (I haven't heard any review yet though).

elbow sleeves are nice if you have elbow problems or injure your elbow. I have a pair and use them only when injured.

nice stuff to have:
fat grips of one kind or another
neck harness
blast straps
slingshot/titan ram


Ab wheel is nice to have and cheap, but you can always save the $$ and just do them with a barbell.

Which Tate books were you looking at? I've borrowed a couple from a friend and would not recommend purchasing them due to lack of useful information. I think they were the under the bar ones. There are much better books on training out there, that unfortunately cost a pretty penny. I'd just go to the library and put the money towards some of the other items.


I'm getting a SSB and tpb, can't wait.

But with my money from relatives deffinetely planning on getting some bands, micro minis-lights (just for dynamic stuff) and probably a new foam roller so I can make my old one into a manpon.


EliteFTS or LiftingLarge.com BANDS ! Belt if you dont have one, rumble roller and/or fat gripz : )
Love my bands, belt, and books keep rolling in when I have spare cash. Gotta eat well first !